How to use Google Pay on WearOS in unsupported country

Things I will guide you through

  1. Setting up the virtual machine somewhere in one of the supported countries.
  2. Installing and configuring the Permanent Proxy app on your watch.
  3. Creating a google account in one of the supported countries.

Setting up the virtual machine

Selecting hosting

You can use any hosting you want as long as their servers are located in one of the supported countries.

I’m going to use Azure (because I’ve got a $100 bonus to use on anything in Azure). But it will work on AWS too (there is a free tier available) or Google Cloud (there is a $300 gift if you have never used it).

Setting up machine

  • Preferably select Ubuntu 18.04 as the operating system
  • Allow in- and outcoming connection for ports
    • 80 for proxying connections from/to your watch.
    • 443 for proxying connections from/to your watch.
    • 22 for SSH, otherwise you won’t be able to access your VPS.

Installing & configuring squid (proxy)

To install squid you will need a root account or sudo. I will be using sudo.

  1. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade - Update packages already installed on your system.
  2. sudo apt-get install squid - Install squid
  3. sudo nano /etc/squid/squid.conf - It will open a text editor
  4. You will need to add the following lines:
    1. http_access allow all
      1. Add it after http_access allow localhost (You can search for this line using CTRL+W)
  5. You will need to change the following lines:
    1. http_port 3128 to http_port 80 (You can search to this line using CTRL+W)
  6. CTRL+X and then hit Y to save the file.
  7. sudo systemctl restart squid to restart squid to apply changes.

Permanent Proxy

Read official readme of permanent proxy for guide how to install it on your watch.

If it’s installed on your watch:

  1. Go to your watch settings to enable developer options
    1. System > About > Tap multiple times on Build number until you see that developer mode is active.
  2. Go back to the main settings page to enable bluetooth debugging
    1. Developer options > ADB debugging needs to be switched on.
    2. Developer options > Debug over Bluetooth needs to be switched on.
  3. Now you can configure the permanent proxy to use your proxy:
    1. Open the Permanent Proxy app.
    2. Tap request permissions and allow it.
    3. Tap Proxy address and enter the IP address of your virtual machine and click on search icon.
    4. In the next input, enter port 80 and click, again, on search icon.
    5. After this you will be in the main menu of Permanent Proxy, tap on Set proxy and you are good to go.

At this point it can be possible that the Google Pay app will show up in your app list, then you can skip the next step.

Google account

Sometimes you won’t be able to obtain Google Pay because it’s Play Store entry is based on your Google account.

So, for example, if your account’s country is The Netherlands (unsupported) you will get a message that GPay is no longer available.

To create an account in the same country as your proxy you will need to connect your phone with your proxy. And create a Google account in Google Chrome’s incognito mode.

You can use a phone number from any country you want, it won’t affect the outcome.

Connecting to your proxy

  1. Go to Settings > Network&Internet > Wi-Fi > Cog next to your network > Pencil icon (edit mode).
  2. Advanced options > change None under Proxy to Manual.
  3. Enter your virtual machine ip at Proxy hostname and 80 at Proxy port.
  4. Click Save and proceed to the next step.

Creating google account

  1. Open incognito mode in Google Chrome and google google account (name of the country).
  2. Create a google account.

Add google account to your watch

  1. Add the newly created google account to your phone through Settings > Accounts
  2. On your watch go to: Settings > Personalisation > Accounts and tap Add Google Account
  3. It will open the WearOS app on your phone, select a newly created google account and continue.
  4. On your watch go to: Play store > Accounts and tap on the newly created account.

Enable Google Pay using new google account

  1. Go to the Play Store and search for Google Pay, you should see it there.
  2. Tap on it and select Enable.

Now you should have Google Pay in your app list.

Known issues

  • When adding a card you will get an error that it’s not possible to add a card right now
    • Fix: Remove all of your google pay cards (on mobile) and try again. After adding them on your watch you can add them back on your phone.

Tested on:

This method was tested on 2020-09-25 with:

  • Google Pixel 4 XL
    • Rooted with Magisk (Hide props)
    • Android 11
  • Fossil Carlyle Gen 5 FTW4025
    • WearOS by Google: 2.18
    • Home App:
    • Google Play services: 20.36.15
    • System version: H MR1
    • Patch level: July 1, 2020